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Victoria Leger

Victoria Leger
Victoria Leger is a WayAround marketing intern and is visually impaired. She is currently a 10th-grade high school student concentrating on photography and writing. Victoria is a twin who was born extremely premature and developed ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) while in the NICU, due to being on oxygen. In school, Victoria enjoys acting with her Drama club, writing for the school newspaper, the friends club, writing club, National Art Honors Society, art club, and working as part of the yearbook staff. When she is not in school or working, she enjoys being outside doing nature photography.

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The Journey

Use WayAround to Organize Your Personal Care Items

May 03, 2018 | BY Victoria Leger

When you're groggy in the morning or before bedtime, it's easy to accidentally grab the wrong product from your medicine cabinet. We've probably all done it from time to time. That moment when you...

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