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Introducing WayAround for Public Spaces

November 16, 2018 | BY Jessica Hipp

It's here! WayAround for Public Spaces debuted this week. The first installation at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Alexandria, Virginia coordinated with the annual NIB Training Conference and Expo.

WayAround for Public Spaces uses smart tags placed at key locations in the built environment. WayTags® work with a mobile app for iOS or Android to provide accessible audio information describing the immediate surroundings.

The inaugural installation included elevators and restrooms on the floor where the conference sessions took place.

ADA sign for Women's Restroom with a 3D circular smart tag at the bottom right.

"There are lots of visual cues that sighted people use to orient themselves to a new space, yet many aren't available to someone with vision loss even using tools like the white cane or a guide dog," said Darwin Belt, co-founder and manager of WayAround and an architect with vision loss. "Today's debut of WayAround for Public Spaces is a significant step toward increasing what kind of information is available to people with vision loss about the built environment."

Read the entire press release here.

Jessica Hipp

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Jessica Hipp

Jessica Hipp is Chief Operations Officer of WayAround, overseeing operations, communications, and community and partner relations. She loves innovative technologies that make the world a better place, and she caught the WayAround vision early on. Jessica brings fifteen years of marketing and public relations experience that spans non-profit, public, and corporate sectors, including several Fortune 500 companies. She has worked both in-house and with agencies, and she specializes in the technology and education verticals. Jessica lives with her husband and son in southern New Hampshire.

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